Secure-Medishare: A Comprehensive Secure Medical Data-Sharing System Using Blockchain, Watermarking, Steganography, And Optimized Hybrid Cryptography


  • Walzade Arti Krushnarao and Dr. Sharanbasappa Gandage


Medical data plays a crucial role in healthcare, enabling accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and research. However, the secure sharing of sensitive medical data and images remains a significant challenge. Existing techniques often fall short in terms of protecting data integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity. To address these limitations, this paper introduces SECURE-MEDISHARE, a novel secure medical data-sharing system that integrates blockchain technology, watermarking, steganography, and enhanced cryptography.The proposed SECURE-MEDISHARE system aims to provide robust security mechanisms for medical data sharing. Unlike centralized systems, which are susceptible to single points of failure and unauthorized access, SECURE-MEDISHARE utilizes blockchain technology to ensure decentralized and tamper-resistant storage and sharing of medical data. SECURE-MEDISHARE employs watermarking for data integrity and authentication and steganography for confidential transmission of metadata, ensuring authenticity, privacy, and confidentiality of medical data. Furthermore, an optimized hybrid cryptography technique is implemented to secure the transmission and storage of medical data, safeguarding confidentiality and privacy.SECURE-MEDISHARE offers several advantages over existing techniques. It provides enhanced security and privacy protection, efficient data sharing and retrieval, and improved trust among healthcare providers. The system ensures the integrity and authenticity of medical data, preventing unauthorized modifications or tampering. Additionally, the decentralized nature of blockchain technology reduces the risk of data breaches and single points of failure. Experimental results show that SECURE-MEDISHARE generates hashes quickly, taking only 65 milliseconds for 100 blocks. Optimized hybrid cryptography used in SECURE-MEDISHARE also outperforms other cryptography combinations, with encryption and decryption times of 5.635 seconds for 96-bit data. These findings highlight the efficiency and effectiveness of SECURE-MEDISHARE for secure medical data and image sharing. The experimental evaluation confirms that SECURE-MEDISHARE is a reliable and robust solution for secure medical data sharing in healthcare environments.




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Walzade Arti Krushnarao and Dr. Sharanbasappa Gandage. (2023). Secure-Medishare: A Comprehensive Secure Medical Data-Sharing System Using Blockchain, Watermarking, Steganography, And Optimized Hybrid Cryptography. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, 35(3), 1–13. Retrieved from