Artificial Intelligence-Driven Innovations in Agriculture


  • Kasidit Chueinwittaya, C.Vijai, Worakamol Wisetsri*


Food and agriculture, artificial intelligence, climate changes, soil monitoring, smart farming, intelligent crop planning, robots, drones


According to a have a glance at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the world is projected to realize nine billion by 2050. Speedy world growth, shortage of agricultural land, shortage of seasoner resources, erratic weather changes, and marketplace wants square measure the first factors. of these can cause large food shortages in the future. it's terribly difficult to fulfill our demands in our current agricultural system. A solution to this can be expected in artificial intelligence technology. This artificial intelligence technology that we have is going to bring a huge change in the agriculture sector. Artificial intelligence in agriculture is sure to not only create employment opportunities for crores of people but also bring about a huge agricultural revolution in the future. This article examines the use of artificial intelligence in agriculture and agribusiness and analyzes the challenges of using robots and drones and artificial intelligence technology and various weeding and crop monitoring systems.



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